About RaH RahH

DJ RaH RahH was born on March 15th, 1983. Both of his parents are from Guyana, however he was born in Queens, NY. RaH RahH started djing when he was 14 years old. He received a drum set for his birthday which he asked his parents for. Over time the drum set became too loud for the neighbors (attached houses), so it was returned and exchanged for a starter DJ kit. DJ RaH RahH always loved collecting music, even before he had the DJ equipment. His father, who he looks up to tremendously, would always be up to date with all kinds of music. RaH RahH would always go and buy whatever new music he could afford at the time. His father also passed down his records to him. As time went on, DJ RaH RahH found himself playing for parties on his block with his child hood friend and DJ partner DJ Nightrydr aka Sol aka Helios (R.I.P.) in Shadyville, Queens, NY. Parties on the block turned into parties around the neighborhood. In college, RaH RahH would DJ for the schools events and shows. Eventually he made his way into the west indian night life scene in south Queens, NY. In nightlife, he and his best friend Kevin Khan created the promotional group GrimeStar Entertainment with the help of 2 other friends Dave and Anand (Chacho).

Along with the clubs and lounges, DJ RaH RahH also does many private events such as weddings and sweet 16s. He along with 2 of his good friends, DJ SpeedE & DJ Echo, created the DJ group the Team Magnum DJs, which now have 13 members. Team Magnum also has their own online radio station; Magnum 24/7 radio, which was created by DJ RaH RahH & another good friend DJ Zack. RaH RahH has a Bachelor of Arts in economics with a minor in math from Queens College. He is married to his beautiful wife Kristina and has two amazing children, Jace & Alessa. Now DJ RaH RahH is booked regularly in the west indian night life scene and has traveled to many other states to play as well. He also has traveled around the world for various weddings and private events. DJ RaH RahH is half owner of the company NY Event Productions. This is where he and his partner Ajay Singh have everything anyone would need to put together a wedding or any private event.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” -Bono